Half Marathon 21K Route; The races starting from Yenikapi will continue from the beach to Kumkapi, the lights in front of the Sirkeci caravagin ferry pier and will return from the lights. The race will return from the coast road to Zeytinburnu veliefendi turnout and it will return from Ottomare Palace in front of 300 meters before departure and it will be at Yenikapı Ride area where it started.



Another race, 10K, will use the same route as the semi-marathon and will make a "U" turn on the road 2 hundred meters before the circus lights and will end in the Yenikapi rally area.



We remind you that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum distance travelled. It is virtually impossible that you can follow the same trajectory in the race, for which it is normal that your GPS watch records a distance travelled superior to 21.100 km even by several hundred meters.