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Half Marathon

Below you can find the details of Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon.


Who organizes the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon? 
The Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon is organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

What is the date of the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon in 2017? 
The Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon is scheduled to Sunday, 30 April 2017.

Are there any other events besides the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon?
Yes, there’ll be 10 K race with Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon.

What is the start time of the events? 
The Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon and 10K starts at 09.00 am.

How do I qualify? 
There is no qualification by time for participation. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon and 10 K race.

How do I enter?

It is only possible to subscribe online. The entries will opened on January 1st. After this date, please follow the instructions on the Registration page. When you register online and pay the entry fee through the secure system, you can check your registration on the Confirmation Page.


Am I still registered if I fill in the online form but do not make the payment?
No, the system will not register you without payment.

Can I change my category?
No. It’s not possible to change your category after you registered.

Are there timing chips? 
Yes, all entrants will receive a timing chip (except free fun run with no timing and ranking) along with their bib number at the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon Office.  You will receive printed instructions on how to do this with your chip - please read them carefully.

Can I use my personal chip? 
No, we provide single-use chips designed for Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon. You will not be asked to return the chips after the event.I will not be able to pick up my race pack at the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon Office.

Can someone else pick it up for me? 
Yes, he/she will need to bring a copy of your ID

What is the time limit to finish the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon? 
The course is open 2 hours 30 minutes. The traffic opens at 11.30. After that time, the participants who are still on the course will be asked to continue running on the sidewalks. All finishers are eligible to receive commemorative medals.

What is the course like?
The course is asphalt, mostly flat and will be free of traffic.

Am I allowed to use my MP3 player during the race? 
For the safety of yourself and the others on the course, we recommend you not to use any portable music devices during the race. However, the utility of them is by no means banned or barred.