21K (Information)

ATTENTION: You can access the REGISTRATION BUTTON at the bottom of this page after reading the 21K category General Information below.

Race Date and Hour:

·         21K Race starts at, 09:00 a.m. on April 7th, 2019


Race Day Programme / Yenikapı Meeting Area

06:00 Closing time of the traffic on the course

07:00 Start time of race bag delivery

08:00 Getting ready time for pace makers at start point

08:30 Finish time of race bag delivery

08:40 Time to go to the Start point

08:45 Start of Elite Athletes race

09:00 Start of Mass Race

09:30 Start of 10K Race

09:45 Approximate finish time of Half Marathon winner

10:00 Approximate finish time of 10K race winner

11:00 Award Ceremony

12:00 Finish time for 21K ve 10K races

What Do You Need To Bring With You On Race Day ?

·         Bib (Race) number,

·         Shoe tag timing responder,

·         Safety pins, Race bag (If using luggage tent please attach race bag number in front of race bag)

·         Clothing depending on the weather.

Application Dates:

·         Online registration via our website  between January 15th January – 29th March, 2019.


Time Limit:

·         Time limit is 3 hours for 21K runners.

·         The race course will open to the traffic at 12:00 p.m. After this time, the runners who are still on the course will be asked to continue running on the sidewalks.



·         The intermediate transponder timing points will be opened to the traffic one by one. Any runner who arrives to the finish line after the time limit will not receive a medal and certificate.


Shoe Tag Timing Responder:

·         All runners will use timing transponders attached to their shoes during the entire run.

·         Do not forget your shoe tag timing responder on race day / NO CHIP, NO TIME

·         Do not exchange your shoe tag timing responder with any other participant

·         Do not remove your shoe tag timing responder from your shoes during the race

·         Do not cross the finish line twice or go back on any part of the course.

·         For contribution to the recycling please remove your shoe tag timing responder to the collection box after crossing the finish!


Time Limit For Shoe Tag Timing Responder:

There will be shoe tag timing responder points on the course which as listed below.


·           5K will be opened on 10:30 o’clock (1:30 hours)

·         10K will be opened on 10:30 o’clock (1:30 hours)

·         15K will be opened on 11:00 o’clock (2:00 hours)

·         20K will be opened on 11:50 o’clock (2:50 hours)

·         21K will be opened on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)




·         All overall top finishers awards (elite athletes) will be based on gun time. All age divisions and other awards will be based on chip time. If you are standing towards the back, it may be a few minutes before you cross the start line. Your time does not officially start until you cross the starting line so please be courteous to others as we start the race.

Contribute To The Green Half Marathon With Timing Chip Recycling:

Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon is a "Green Half Marathon", hence the products of Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, such as water bottles, bib numbers, bags, timing chips are made entirely of recycled materials. Further, printing materials of the marathon are kept at the minimum level.

For contribution to the recycling please remove your Timing Chip to the collection box at the Finish point! ​

Age Limit:

·         Runners must be 18 years of age or older on race day, April 7th 2019 (the runners who were born on or before April 7th, 2001 can participate).


Participation Limit:

·         10.000 runners for 21K race.


The entry closes as soon as the registration limit has been reached.


Entry Fee:

The entry fee for 21K race;


·         50 TRY from 15th January to 15th February, 2019.

·         75 TRY from 16th February  to March 29th, 2019.




·         No other fees than the registration fee will be collected during distribution of race packages. 


How Can I Register?


·         Fill the registration form which opens after you click the “21K Registration” or “10K Registration” button at the www.yarimaraton.istanbul homepage.

·         Click the “Register” button and write your credit card information to the next page and pay the entry fee.

·         Be sure that you read “Congratulation! You are successfully registered to the race.” on Confirmation page.




·         You will not receive any confirmation by e-mail or phone call after you registered to the race.

·         The runners who reach the Confirmation page with the "Congratulations" You are successfully registered to the race" message are registered.

·         Once you are successfully registered, the next step is to visit the Half Marathon Expo for picking up your race package on the Expo dates.


Race (Bib) Numbers:

·         Race (bib) numbers will not be announced to the registered runners before Half Marathon Expo beginning from this year.

·         Participants will pick up their bib numbers from Half Marathon Expo on 5th and 6th April 2019.

·         This is your unique bib number and only you must wear it on the race day. DO NOT change, copy or swap this number. You could be putting their health at risk by changing it on to someone else who may not be properly practiced for the İstanbul Half Marathon due to swapping bib numbers.

·         When you pick up your race number, it will contain your shoe tag timing responder. Do not forget it to take it to the race.

·         You must show your race number to get in the luggage tents and enter your proper starting area.

·         Wear your race number on the front of your vest throughout the race.

·         Your race number must be visible throughout the race so the official course photographers can identify you.

·         Do not exchange with or transfer your number to someone else.

·         Do not bend, fold or tear your bib.

·         In order to help our Medical Team work more efficiently, please fill out the medical history information on the back of your number.


Race T-shirt:

·         All runners are guaranteed a race t-shirt; however, sizes are first come, first served. Race t-shirts are ordered nearly a year in advance and it is not possible to estimate the exact number and size of each participant. However, participants may exchange the t-shirt they receive for another one of any size or gender for the race they are running. Runners are responsible for checking the size and gender of their t-shirt before leaving the expo.


Category Change:


·         The last date for category changing  is March 15th, 2019. No request will be accepted after this date.


Start and Finish Areas:

·         The 21K race start and finish area is Yenikapi Meeting Area.


21K Course:

​Half Marathon 21K Route; The races starting from Yenikapi will continue from the beach to Kumkapi, the lights in front of the Sirkeci caravagin ferry pier and will return from the lights. The race will return from the coast road to Zeytinburnu veliefendi turnout and it will return from Ottomare Palace in front of 300 meters before departure and it will be at Yenikapı Ride area where it started.

Opening Time of Course for Vehicles:

·           5K will be open on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)

·         10K will be open on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)

·         15K will be open on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)

·         20K will be open on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)

·         21K will be open on 12:00 o’clock (3:00 hours)


Clock & Km Markers:

·         Digital time clocks will be positioned along the half marathon course indicating your split time at kilometers 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K and 21K in addition, highly visible kilometer markers will be positioned at every kilometer.

Directional Line:

·         Each category is colour coded with directional line that match the colour of your bib number. The Half Marathon directional line is red and 10K is green. You will follow the appropriate colour markings along the course for the category you are running. For example: if you are running half marathon, then you will have a red colour bib number and you will follow the red coloured markings along your route.


·         Pacers will line up at the start line around 8:30 am. There will be pacers in the half marathon in 10 minute intervals starting at a 1h30m pace up to 2h20m. There will also be pacers for the 10K in 5 minute intervals starting at a 45m pace up to 1h20m. Please position yourself near the time you expect to finish.

21K Pacer Times:


·         1:30:00                         

·         1:40:00                         

·         1:50:00                         

·         2:00:00                      

·         2:10:00                      

·         2:20:00                      


Water/Sponging & Refreshment Stations:

·         Water/sponging and refreshment stations are provided at the start - finish areas and every 2,5K after the 5K.

·         The stations will be located along the course at points shown below.

·         The water station unit will serve on the course as well as start and finish point until the last runner passes.

·         Taking alcoholic beverages during the race is prohibited.

·         Special drinks can be made available only for invited athletes and who has given their special drinks to the officials at Half Marathon Expo.




Toilet Facilities:

·         Toilets are located at various points on the course (public and portable toilet facilities). Take toilet breaks at the designated locations, which will be shown with signs.

·         Start

·         5K

·         10K

·         15K

·         20K

·         Finish

Public Transportation To The Start Point:

·         Participants can easily reach the start point “Yenikapi Meeting Area” via public transport Metro, Tramway and Marmaray from anywhere in Istanbul.


Via Metro Line;

·         "Yenikapi Metro Station" via M1A Yenikapi - Atatürk Havalimani Metro Line

·         "Yenikapi Metro Station" via M2 Yenikapi - Haciosman Metro Line

·         "Yenikapi Metro Station" via M1B Yenikapi - Kirazli Metro Line

·         “Marmaray Ayrilik Cesmesi Station” via M4 Kadikoy - Tavsantepe Metro Line

Via Tramway;

·         Transfer from Yusufpasa “Bagcilar – Kabatas Tramway Line” to Aksaray Metro Station to  "Yenikapi Metro Station"

Via Marmaray;

·         "Yenikapi Metro Station" via Kazlicesme – Ayrilik Cesmesi Marmaray Line.




Yenikapi Metro Station is 1 Km to the Start/Finish area.​

Luggage Tent:


·         Your personal official race bag number will be given to you separately at the Half Marathon Expo. Please ensure that you complete your details on the luggage number and attach this to your bag. The number must be attached before packing your belongings to the bag If you are not planning to use the luggage tent, please do not use this number.

·         Luggage tents are provided at the start/finish area for the safe storage of your belongings. Any clothing left on the tent at the start will be removed during the clean-up operation and donated to charity.

·         Official race bag will be given to you at the Half Marathon Expo and only official race bag will be accepted into the luggage tent on the race day.

·         Before the race: Complete all the details on your baggage label (this is attached to your number) and make sure you tie it to your bag.

·         Arrive early: Make sure you allow sufficient time to get to the buses to leave your bag.

·         Valuables: Please remember not to bring any valuables with you to the event.

·         Close the official race bag tightly so that your belongings will not fall off the bag.

·         Additional bags will not be accepted.

·         You will be advised to check your bag early to avoid congestion.

·         Fragile and valuable items will not be acceptable.

·         Please note that the organizers cannot be held responsible for damage and loss of valuables.


Security Check For Runners Bag:

·         For safety management purposes, we will be having security staff inspect baggage at entrance gates, and conduct body checks with a metal detector. Please follow our staff's instructions.


Finishers’ Medals:

·         Half Marathon runners who finish the race in time will be presented commemorative medals at the finish line.

·         Runners lose the medal chance if they cannot finish the race in time.


Trophies & Prize Money:

·         Top three male and female overall finishers will be presented trophies at the Award Ceremony at the finish area after the race.

·         The place, date and time of the Age Categories Award Ceremony will be announced later.




·         Full race results will be available at after the conclusion of the race. These results include all finishers, award winners, men's and women's age divisions and other categories including 21K race.

·         Additionally, we offer also live unofficial results during the race at www.yarimaraton.istanbul.


Possible Weather Condition:


·         The weather may vary between 12 and 16 degrees C on the race day.



·         Never wear new trainers for the first time on the race day. Ideally, you should have run in your shoes for around a month beforehand.

·         You might want to bring along some old clothes to wear while standing on the start line. Once you start the run, you can throw them away. Officials will pick up and let the clothes to the needers.

·         Don’t forget to bring your own safety pins to fasten on your bib number.


Medical Information:

·         Istanbul Half Marathon medical team is a dedicated number of medical professionals provided by Directorate of Emergency Relief and Rescue in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Health Directorate of Istanbul.

·         There will be one field first-aid tent including all necessary med kit at the Start/Finish area and there will be also medical stations at the following kilometer markers 5, 10, 15, 20. To help our Medical Team work more efficiently, please fill out the medical history on the back of your race number.

·         Total of 16 ambulances will be ready on service along the Half Marathon Course.

·         20 Masseurs & Masseuses will be serving to runners after the finish line on race day.

·         The runners of Istanbul Half Marathon will be protected with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) against Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 20 cyclist volunteers from Hayatta Kal Foundation which is non-governmental organization in Turkey equipped with AEDs will be riding their bicycles at a distance to the runners. Apart from the cyclists, will be volunteers waiting with their AEDs at their pre-defined stable AED spots who are ready to intervene at a case of emergency. Possible case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, where seconds are of crucial importance, patients can receive immediate and right treatment.


Health Recommendations:

·         Get examined before the race.

·         Respiratory tract and cardiovascular patients should not participate in the races.

·         Before participate to the race have enough sleep and rest.

·         Have breakfast early and don’t drink alcohol and fizzy drink before race.

·         Wear your shoes with ahtletic socks.

·         Dab some cream to your toe before race.

·         If you have a health problem during the race please leave the race and call for help from health officers.




·         If you have, or have recently had a cold or flu, or are feverish, have been vomiting, or had chest pain, or otherwise feel weakened or unwell, it is unfair to you to risk serious illness and become a medical emergency. Istanbul Half Marathon will be back again next year. Please join us next year.


First Aid Stations:

·         First aid will be only offered to deal with accidents during the half marathon. Participants must be aware that the organizers are not held liable for any further medical care.


Locations of First aid stations;


·         Start

·         5K

·         10K

·         15K

·         20K

·         Finish


Pick-up Points:


·         There are three buses along the course at the 13, 15 and 17K points. These buses are for runners who want to pull out of the half-marathon and need to go to the finish area.



·         Make sure you stay well hydrated.

·         In the weeks leading up to the event, the colour of your urine is a useful indicator of hydration.

·         Generally, dark urine suggests you are de hydrated (although nutritional supplements can also alter urine colour), with pale straw-coloured water being ideal.

·         During a run, drink when you need to. Don’t gulp large volumes of fluids even if you are thirsty – it can result in a condition called hyponatraemia in which your body salts become diluted, possibly causing confusion and vomiting.

·         Make sure you know where the drink stations are on the run’s route. Water and energy drink will be available, but only take a drink if you need one.


Limitations of Organization:​

·         The athletes cannot attend the 21K race with bicycle, motorcycle, roller skates or any other vehicles and with animals. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organizes different competitions and sports events for such vehicles. Participants must join to organizations with the appropriate sports clothing.


International Arrivals:

·         The nearest airport to the main locations such as the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon Office, start area and the finish area is Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IATA Code: IST), 25K to the City center.

·         The Sabiha Gokcen Airport (IATA Code: SAW) on the Asian part of the city is an alternative at a distance of 50K to the City center. There are shuttle services at both airports provided by the ground handling company HAVAS.

·         It is also possible to book a pick-up service through privately owned  Metro operates between the Ataturk Airport and Aksaray, a district close to Sultanahmet. A taxi costs around 30 Euros to Sultanahmet or Taksim, the city center.


·         You'll see the Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon race application form when you click on "Register Now". 

·         It is not possible to cancel or postpone or changing the category after registration is completed. 

·         Some of the information may be subject to change. Please check the information from time to time.